ERP Software vs Task Management Software:Find Out Whether There Is Need To Have Task Management Software If You Already Have ERP Software

Any business has departments which requires excellent coordination lest the business operations are impaired leading to losses.Coordination of the departments operations can be a tall order,It becomes simplified by a software that links up all these operations.

ERP vs Task management software

Enterprise resource planning software links up all the departments in a business,be it human resource,sales,procurement and customer relations.

Task management software is developed to aid in the operations of a specific task in a given business such as a procurement process.

Do I need Task management software if I have ERP?

ERP has a way of integrating functions in the business.If you already have ERP,task management module can be integrated.This would therefore mean that ERP system will perform all functions of Task management software.

How effective is Task Management Software integrated in ERP?

The efficacy and functionality of the software does not change when integrated in ERP.Instead,it simplifies the operations of the business due to close monitoring and enhanced coordination.This leads to improved productivity.


ERP is a more comprehensive software with many functions integrated.If you already have ERP software,there is absolutely no need to install any other software.Instead upgrade ERP to include the module you need for your business.This will save you on cost without compromising the operations of the business.

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