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ERP software well implemented can manage company’s inventory and processes saving real money in the present and future. ERP software ensures company’s data is well organized. Information is critical in business decision making process and organizing it to ease access is paramount. Reports can be generated in the shortest time possible and provide accurate data. Company’s bills and rates can easily be calculated using ERP software. According to the business model, the bills and rates together with the reports allow easy tracking of equipment that generates sufficient revenue which is useful in determining which inventory to be used and the pricing mix.

ERP software helps in controlling transportation costs through providing a tool that allows scheduling of multiple deliveries to client’s sites. The ERP software cuts down back and forth trips from yard to sites reducing the fuel costs and personnel work rate. Employee’s training costs are widely reduced as every ERP software has an online help center that provides training guides, video clips, FAQs and manuals where users can learn more about the system rather than attending seminars which are costly.

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